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In Mediation, Positions Are Just The Tip of the Iceberg

One of the most common obstacles I see people struggle to overcome in mediation and negotiation is their compulsion to fight over diverging positions, rather than exploring one another’s core interests. This is usually because, when people disagree, their first instinct is to disarm the other side’s argument, and enforce their own – in order […]

The Surprising Truth Behind 2017’s “Communication Breakdown”

     2017 was the most contentious year I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Syria, North Korea, Russia, Brexit, the U.S. Presidential election, “Fake News”, lawsuits, sexual misconduct, and the Twitterpocolypse that enveloped it all, was a relentless part of daily life. We saw posts and comments erupt into bitter exchanges over social media. Families and […]

Getting To The Table: 6 Tips To Prepare For Mediation

As alternative dispute resolution (ADR) becomes more the rule than the exception in resolving business, legal, civil, and domestic conflicts, and as more courts require mediation before setting cases for trial, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked by potential clients is, “what should I do to get ready for mediation”. We’re all familiar […]

Global Conflict Is On The Rise!

Ominous, right? As spooky as it may sound—I really wouldn’t worry about it too much. The way I see it, conflict is not something to fear, but is an amazing cultural opportunity. If you think about it, conflict has been an important and necessary part of human civilization for a few thousand years. Without it, […]