Mediation of Personal Injury and Malpractice Claims


85 percent

Average settlement rate (depending on case type: motor vehicle vs. other personal injury claims)

Avoiding Litigation Pays

Avoiding Litigation Pays

Insurance companies/defendants save court costs, legal defense costs, expert witnesses, etc., which average around $60k on small cases.

Don’t Throw Away 1/3

One Third

The injured party gets to keep the 1/3 of the settlement that an attorney would normally be paid

Is Mediation Right For You? Let’s Talk!

Recently, there’s been a steady movement away from expensive and time-consuming lawsuits to settle personal injury, accident and medical malpractice claims. Many insurance companies and attorneys recognize the value of mediation over litigation. After all, mediation gives the parties involved the ability to arrive at mutually agreed upon solution instead of a court imposed mandate. If you’ve reached an impasse in negotiations in your case, Barber ADR can help. Jason Barber is a member of the Utah State Courts Mediation Roster, the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution, and practices throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado.

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