Mediation For Civil and Small Claims Disputes


75 percent

Average settlement rate

3 Months

Average time saved

Average time saved


Average $ saved

Average $ saved

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As small claims court dockets are becoming increasingly backlogged, many courts are instituting policies that recommend (and sometimes require) a mediated resolution of disputes when possible. Small claims mediation gives the parties involved the ability to arrive at mutually agreed upon solution instead of a court imposed mandate. Small claims mediation is especially ideal when the dispute is with a friend, neighbor, customer, partner, or anyone with whom you want to maintain good relations.

Barber ADR is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and provides small claims mediation and conflict for a variety of issues including:

  • Construction contractor disputes
  • Car repair / mechanic disputes
  • Invoice / bill disagreements
  • Property line disputes
  • Dog bite claims
  • Property damage issues

Jason Barber is a member of the Utah State Courts Mediation Roster, the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution, and practices throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado..

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