Mediation For Corporate Issues (HR, Employee, Workplace)


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When people spend 40 or more hours a week together conflicts and disagreements are bound to occur, even in the most harmonious of workplaces. It can be damaging to productivity for those involved and even co-workers. It’s important to resolve workplace conflicts to preserve relationships and keep your company operating smoothly. The most efficient and cost effective way to resolve these conflicts is through a professional workplace mediator.

Barber ADR can work efficiently with your company’s human resources (HR), risk management, or legal team to help resolve employee disputes or organizational conflicts. Barber ADR is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and provides mediation, conflict resolution and dispute consulting services. Common use cases include employee conflicts, worker’s comp mediation, and insurance mediation. Jason Barber is a member of the Utah State Courts Mediation Roster, the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution, and practices throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado.

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