About Barber ADR

I’m Jason. I’m a negotiator, mediator and resolution consultant with focus in the areas of business negotiation, entertainment and media related issues, civil, commercial and domestic disputes, civic and government affairs, probate, real estate, and workplace conflict resolution. I’m a member of the American Bar Association, the ABA Committee on Dispute Resolution, the ABA Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industry, the Utah State Courts Mediation Roster, and the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution. I practice throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, California and Colorado.

My Philosophy

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) describes various techniques to help conflicting parties resolve disputes without the “win-lose” constraints of litigation (court or jury trial). Mediation, Structured Negotiation and Collaborative Law are three types of Alternative Dispute Resolution. As a mediator, I work closely with the conflicting parties, listen to all sides of the dispute, help identify areas of concern, and work with them to explore underlying interests and possible solutions. Unlike an attorney, I do not take sides, nor do I have a professional or financial stake in the outcome. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, I do not decide an outcome or impose judgments. My sole objective is to support the parties, and advocate for a strong, fair and meaningful agreement. I look forward to talking with you to determine if mediation is right for your situation. Let’s talk.